Shuji Maruyama Sensei
Kokikai Founder
at a recent visit to Rutgers Aikido Club

    Rutgers is home to a thriving aikido dojo. Founded in 1987 we are now in our 29th year. Our instructors are Colin Throm (senior instructor and 4th degree black belt) and Izzat Bahadirov (dojo leader and 2nd degree black belt).

    Our students represent a wide range of experience, age and interests. From white to brown belt, they include undergraduate and graduate students, staff, faculty, alums and their spouses. Some have previous martial arts experience, many do not. Students of all levels practice together and beginners are welcome to start at any time during the semester.

    We practice in the Wrestling Room of the College Avenue Gym, on the College Avenue Campus. Please check the class times page for times and class start dates, particularly for summer practice hours.

    Our dojo is a member of Kokikai Aikido International, and we have close ties to the many area Kokikai dojos including those in Princeton, Somerville, Marlton, Trenton and Marlborough, NJ, and New York City. Our students often participate in special seminars and intensive training camps which are led by Kokikai Founder Shuji Maruyama Sensei.

    We are very fortunate to host a special class taught by Maruyama Sensei about once a year. These classes are attended by many area Kokikai Aikido students. We also take advantage of the many, very talented senior instructors who live and practice in our area. Leon Brooks Sensei (7th dan), Dan McDougall Sensei (7th dan), and Gary Snyder Sensei (7th dan) are among those who have been guest instructors in our dojo.

    The club also participates in club-related membership and fundraising events including special seminars, demonstrations and t-shirt sales.

    Rutgers Aikido Club
Kokikai Aikido International

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